Linux Outlaws 332 – International Football is a Bit Like War

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Hosts: Dan & Fab



  • This is the last Linux Outlaws episode of the year and, in fact, until February

0:03:01 FEEDBACK

  • Jezra follows up his recent email about devices being developer friendly and explains what he means by that
  • Dale Visser loves the show and directed us, like many others, to the FSF endorsing GlugLug laptops
  • Johan V. writes about enabling automatic Flattr’s from gPodder
  • Joe Ressington made us an awesome German News bumper
  • Tyler Littlefield writes us about Linux accessibility
  • Alistair Munro (aka B1ackcr0w) gives us some reasons for needing a lot of IP addresses at home, makes a case for using Evolution instead of Thunderbird and tells us how he uses a Raspberry Pi to filter his mail

0:31:25 THE YEAR 2013 IN REVIEW

We talk about the year from our perspective. What happened to us in 2013, what was our story of the year? What do we think were the highlights and disappointments? We also have a few predictions and wishes for 2014.

Listen to Steel Rain 3 if you are interested in GTA V at all.

Song: Prism from the album Into A Prism by David Rovics (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)


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