Linux Outlaws 336 – Indifference Mode

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No Agenda Art Crimea

  • Errata: Fab mistakenly said that you need to compile things with Arch/AUR — in fact, Arch packages are binary; he realised his mistake immediately when editing the show; what he meant was: AUR saves you having to install things by hand
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1:05:38 FEEDBACK
  • Dale Visser is glad our break is over and gives us some feedback on blocking ads and NoScript
  • Barry Williams writes in with more input on ads and ad-blocking
  • Andrew Kirkpatrick tells us about ArnoldC
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov has the exact opposite experience than Fab when comparing Firefox and Chrome
  • Ian Kirk is keeping an eye on the NSA ice cream van
  • Rich Brown sends us a link to Mr. Herobrine’s Singalong Tragedy on YouTube

We had other emails from Remy Van Elst and Jason Lewis.

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  1. John C. Laporte says:

    Do we live in an alternate universe?

    It seems things happen around the world and our western media keep telling us that black is white.

    TWICE now we have seen an elected president overthrown by violence yet we hear about the will of the people and of…. democracy. NOWHERE do we hear about the will of the people who actually WON the last election or about how we would like in our own countries to have violence be the norm how things are done.
    Losers who cant win an electino are lauded as democrats because they take arms to overthrown a govt and our media greenlights it. Heck, we even now get words like international law thrown in for the Crimea situation even though europeans countries have no problems when its other countries they tear apart (using violence and bombings… you know targeting civilian populations to make like unbearable… like any good war criminal does.)

    Next race riots in England, shouldnt we encourage protestors to take up arms and shoot parliament? I mean, it seems to be a respected formula elsewhere.

    Violence is the way to do things. It gets results. American (and english) foreign policy depends on it (germany is still hampered militarily by being occupied by the US still but their work in destabilizing other countries these past 2-3 decades has been ultra aggressive and deserves as much scorn.) With close to 50 bombed countries and hundreds of overthrown govts under its belt in the past 70yrs, this is after all the domain of the US. No one on the planet plays god as often as the yanks (which after 3 centuries of the british doing the same hasnt really changed their playbook: divide and conquer)

    I just love how violence is now considered the go to weapon for ‘democracy’.
    Of course, democracy is a pretty volatile word nowadays.
    It only has meaning for the sides we choose to support.
    Ukrainians who voted for the gov that won the last election dont deserve democracy.
    Ukrainians who were sore losers and cant play by the rules of democracy and choose violence on the ohter hand deserve democracy.

    THe bearded fanatics in Egypt played by the rules and won their election.
    A few moments later and the army ousts them and the media tell us its good for ‘democracy’.
    Really? And people actually sit at their TV’s and buy this garbage?
    What else are they going to do? Go out in the streets and revolt?
    (no, since many countries in the western world have serious limitations where and when you can demonstrate.)

    Considering this is the 10 year anniversary of the kidnapping of the elected president of Haiti, Aristide, by US forces (and their canadian poodles holding the door for them), we shouldnt be surprised whats happening now. (just like in the ukranian case, the US made sure that Aristide could never go back because he could probably win another election and now Yanukovitch who probably could have won a third election has been effectively pushed out from a return because he is now held responsible for the violence caused by the revolutionaries. This wasnt accidental. They had to make sure he wouldnt present himself again like he did after being thrown out in 2004 under the pretense of ‘bad’ elections and win another election. Problem solved.)

    But our unbias and fair media tells us that Aristide’s kidnapping, the muslim brotherhood army uprising and Ukraine was all about democracy and the will of the people.
    Problem is in a democracy is that the will of the people, its the ones who hold the majority that have the right and the might.
    Losers cant abide by the rules of the game and prefer to use violence to get what they are incapable to do democratically.

    Next on the agenda: Venezuela where the have been something like 15 elections since 1999 but where you will hear the words democracy and the will of the people over and over again by the western press.

    Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and all those other countries on the other hand will never be bothered by such trivial matters like human rights and democracy.

    Remember kiddies, what you cant get voting, you can get with violence and force.

  2. Mike says:

    Re: Tim Horton’s: Never been able to enjoy it quite like when I was a kid. Used to pump gas next to one when in university and a couple of girls working there admitted to peeing in some guy’s soup. Now this treatment’s reserved for only special customers I’m sure, but still can’t get it out of my head when I go there.

    My Dad told me some juicy story about the co-founder who, I think, used to be a cop, and what, Tim Horton himself died drunk (hey if you were traded to Buffalo…) in a car at high speed. There was something more to it but I forget.

    Enjoyed your Crimea commentary btw.

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