Linux Outlaws 347 – David Bowie’s Ball Clamp

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube. A Markdown version of the show notes is also available.

0:01:24 Introduction


Fab Aboard U-995

0:11:01 Dropped the Ball on This

0:15:47 People Leaving Jobs

Martin Bacon's Coffee-Powered Car


0:38:23 Clouds & Viruses

Canonical's Orange Box

0:55:30 Ecryption & Security

1:03:10 Novena, Mint & China Bans Windows 8

1:14:01 Tux3 & Open Source Crypto

1:17:33 Releases

1:23:11 From the Saloon

1:24:55 Email

  • Climate change discussion prompted by Joe Ressington and others
  • Mike thanks Fab for plugging No Agenda (hitting people in the mouth)
  • Tyler tells us that our Discourse instance isn’t accessible and also comments on cyber-bullying and packet equality
  • Alison Chaiken sent us an article on illegal business practices under Steve Jobs
  • Dustin Williams disagrees with Fab on packet equality
  • Remy van Elst told us about AdBlock Plus impacting memory use on Firefox
  • Félim Whiteley doesn’t like Fab’s choice of in-show music
  • We also had email from Ian Kirk

1:56:27 Song

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