Linux Outlaws 350 – Tree Fiddy

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:02:01 Introduction

  • Saddle up for a long show: We have two weeks of news to catch up on
  • Sorry for the delay of LO 349, we were both extremely busy
  • Dan created this video for work

0:13:32 Random Things


Guerillabeam Projection

0:24:02 Law Enforcement / Politics

0:41:00 Security News

0:57:33 Games

1:04:41 Patents & Trademarks

1:13:27 Releases

1:26:37 Node CLA, Pdfium & Towelroot

1:31:08 Web News

1:37:06 Email Feedback

  • Jan Skowron thanks us for turning him onto LukHash‘s music
  • Robert Bunting likes Bane puns
  • Gary sent us a song by L. Ron Hubbardhorrible…
  • Leigh tells us why he likes the show, one sentence per line
  • Alister Christman thanks us for the podcast and asks us where our theme song is from
  • Remy van Elst (who came in with a very generous donation) gives feedback on the show and is looking forward to OggCamp
  • Tom Kent chimes in about TrueCrypt alternatives for Linux: tc-play, tc-play script, zulucrypt

2:03:20 Song

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