Linux Outlaws 354 – Kim Jong-Untz

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:20 Introduction

Fab's Tattoo Design (Copyright Fabian A. Scherschel, All Rights Reserved)

0:13:25 Flight MH17

0:25:06 German News

Karl Albrecht store in Essen, 1930

Suspicious Cylinder on UK Embassy

0:29:38 Releases

0:39:30 Hackers, Hacking & Security

Internal CNET Git

0:50:15 Linux Kernel Matters

1:00:07 LiMux, Systemd Boycott, Vincent Untz & JPEG Encoding

1:14:05 Feedback

  • Dale Visser reckons online music piracy isn’t much of a thing in Germany
  • Dave71 is several months behind and sends us feedback on the Google/Motorola acquisition
  • Torin Doyle asks what distros we use; we answer
  • Elisha Montgomery like the Antergos installer Cnchi and also recommends Teleglitch, which Fab has promptly bought
  • Phil Thompson reminds Dan of the James Bulger murder
  • Max Kovgan tells us how saying “OK Google” on the show messes with his in-car setup
  • Venkat Ramasamy plugs the Tonido/Raspi combinbation
  • Leigh is disinterested in football but still liked World Cup Outlaws; he also likes 20lb Sound’s music

1:43:56 Song

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