Linux Outlaws 357 – Space Laser Internet

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:19 Introduction

Miroslav Klose

0:19:19 Berlin Fibre, The Maker’s Eden & Synapse

Space Laser

0:33:38 Releases

0:42:24 Security News

1:09:18 Next Gen OpenGL, Qt Company & Compilers

Backside of the Omega Seamaster

1:20:27 Feedback

  • Thanks to our supporters!
  • Orange Dolphin writes us about our novel idea
  • Torin Doyle writes us about converting people to Linux as well as about Munster, Münster and Munster
  • Félim Whiteley comes in with the amazing title “Murder He Rode” for our novel
  • Martin Lake says he’s a big fan of the show and asks what our favourite shell is
  • Leigh comments on Fab buying a motorbike and he doesn’t like Disqus
  • Your users deserve better than Disqus
  • Barry Williams writes with a Rent reference
  • Daniel Frey wants us to raise awareness for the Fund Anything campaign for 5150

1:39:52 Song