Linux Outlaws 358 – No Coffee for You!

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:33 Current Events

0:27:55 Sharks & Terminals

Shark Attack

Wireshark IRL

Weyland-Yutani Terminal

0:38:30 Releases

0:52:52 CoreOS & LiMux Update

1:05:20 Botched Windows Update

1:10:54 HACIENDA, BND Espionage & Assange

1:31:09 FinFisher Hack

1:34:34 Feedback

  • Dustin Williams wants us to move the off topic discussions to the end of the show
  • Remy van Elst says he buys the German version of c’t instead of the Dutch one; he also likes Fab’s bike
  • Richard from Perth, WA loves the off topic discussions and sends us a link to
  • Gary says the show has been neglecting the Nazi Drinking Game
  • Bill from writes in
  • Alison Chaiken has some ideas on how to prevent the BadUSB exploit on Linux
  • Barry Williams says Dan mixed up his email from last episode, it was a response to an episode of Dan’s other show Rathole Radio

1:55:52 Song

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