Linux Outlaws 359 – Dave’s Murder Train

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:02:00 Gaming News

The Journey Down: Chapter 2

0:12:02 Open Source Releases

Hot Hail

0:32:48 CrypTool & Discourse

0:43:57 PSN Hacked Again

0:52:00 Kernel Development

1:02:20 LiMux Update

1:08:40 Ubuntu & Mint News

1:17:00 Thanks

  • Thanks to Ingolf Schäfer for providing Fab with some Bullenschluck

  • Kai Siers sent Fab some beer called “Chopfab”


1:21:53 Feedback

Arse Trophy

  • Remy van Elst reviews some shells for us
  • Torin Doyle asks what our first computers were: Dan’s was an Amstrad CPC6128; Fab’s was an IBM compatible PC with a 286 processor made by NCR
  • Charles wonders if we will be reviewing the upcoming Windows version
  • Keelan Downton says our listeners should check out the game Tumbleweed Express which he’s been working on with some friends, collectively called the Dirigiballers
  • Joe Burmeister gave us some feedback on the LiMux situation

1:42:53 Song

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