Linux Outlaws 360 – Yippee-ki-yay, Motherfucker

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0:01:13 Introduction

  • Sorry for missing an episode and the late release of the latest show; Fab has no excuse

Fab's Motorbike

The Journey Down: Chapter Two

0:23:50 Leaks & Hacks

0:28:55 Open Source Releases

0:49:59 Linux News

0:59:20 General Open Source News

1:11:14 Feedback

  • VulcanRidr wrote us a lengthy email about Ferguson
  • tsyn mentions Capsicum for Linux
  • Félim Whiteley writes about some craic
  • John Fenske credits us with getting his CompTIA Linux+ certification; we don’t think that’s justified, though
  • We also had an email from Tzafrir Cohen

1:35:02 Song

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