Linux Outlaws 367 – Free as in GNU Piss

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0:00:59 Introduction

0:42:54 Discussion

We discuss the Snowden affair. And Prince Philip’s plan to kidnap Nessie.

Whatever you do, don’t go for Zardoz cosplay!

Zardoz Cosplay 1

Zardoz Cosplay 2

1:40:09 Feedback

  • Michael Schmid tells us why he likes the show and thanks us for it; he also recommends the album Las Cruces by Cactus Black
  • Eddy says he’s really sorry to hear the show will end
  • Scott Hood also tells us why he likes LO
  • Russ from Colchester has been listening to our show since somewhere in the 100s
  • Rob Currie equates this moment to the final episode of Babylon 5 (he probably means the final episode of Season 4)
  • Martyn Lewis is disappointed that LO will end, but is hopeful that the new show will be even better
  • Torin Doyle asks us a few questions
  • Félim Whiteley writes another funny email, mentioning the Muff Diving Club
  • John Everett has been listening almost from Day One and relates some experiences he had while doing so
  • Steve Bickle thanks us for the show and plugs Ken Starks’ Indiegogo campaign
  • Phil in Australia says he has killed the show
  • Brian tells us what he likes about LO
  • Imran Chaudhry has some ideas for the last few shows

2:17:41 Song