Linux Outlaws 370 – Stay Free, Stay Open Source

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0:02:53 Introduction

Linux Voice 11

0:21:40 The AMA

We answer listener questions in the first, and only, Linux Outlaws AMA — which is an ask us anything in this case. In true LO fashion, the listeners bend the rules however and we actually get asked a lot less questions than you’d think.

First off, we have some audio submissions from 2BFrank and Les, Olly and Tony from Blackpool LUG who are starting We also answer some questions from Linux Luddite Joe Ressington.

Toby Newman askes us about other Linux podcasts we can recommend. We list, in no particular order, what podcasts (Linux and otherwise) we listen to:

Submit your own podcast suggestions to our listeners on The Saloon.

After that, we have another audio submission from LostNBronx. We then address emails from Sam, Jeremy Kolassa and Aaron Hamid. Stephen Michael Kellat sends in an audio message from the EMS and FiftyOneFifty sends one in as well.

We also had emails from Niko, Lars Falk-Peterson, Dunsty, Ville-Pekka Vainio, Vladislavs Burakovs, Ausimik, Ellwyn Cole and answer live questions from the IRC.

2:11:47 Plans for the Future

We discuss what we plan to do after Linux Outlaws, including a new show: Geek News Radio.

Fab thanks Producer Katy for her patience during the run of the show.

2:40:42 Song