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Linux Outlaws 214 – Das Router

26 June 2011


Adobe thinks Android is the future of the Linux desktop, HTC gets in trouble with their Sense UI, AVM attacks the GPL in Germany, Xen finally enters the mainline kernel, Microsoft complains about WebGL and, as it turns out, Apple uses Windows for their iCloud


This episode of Linux Outlaws is dedicated to the memory of Clarence Clemons.



0:02:08 Introduction

0:25:10 Releases and News

1:02:44 Microwatch

1:07:27 Crapplewatch

1:20:10 Discussion Point

Are the Gnome 3 developers actively hostile towards Gnome Shell extensions? — We discuss.

1:29:32 Feedback

Thanks to Armin Krauss, Peter Kolbe, Mark Hyde, Kenneth Evoy, Ian Mavero and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Whym sent us a link to this Linux World Map
  • Alison Chaiken sent a story about a new Linux powered tablet from India
  • Armin Krauss tells us about Tails, a Debian based distro that aims to keep your data and browsing history private
  • Stephen Michael Kellat says the Ohio LoCo team are developing an openbox-desktop metapackage for Ubuntu as an alternative to Unity



Other emails: Chris Woollard, peterplusplus, Ashley Kitson, SmokeyMaverick and Mark Law.

Song: The Healing Prayer by Bruce Benson, featuring Clarence Clemons on saxophone

In lieu of receiving any money for the download, Benson simply requests that each downloader make whatever donation he or she can to Why Hunger. Under the “Type of Donation” section, donors are asked to complete the section to read, “In Honor of Clarence Clemons and The Healing Prayer.”