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Linux Outlaws 220 – You Better Not Give Him Real Scissors

30 July 2011


Humble Indie Bundle 3, LULZSec shuts down News Corp, Shuttleworth says contributors owe him their copyrights, Firebug dev gets hired by Google, Oracle buys Ksplice and we discuss Google+ and their real name policy

0:02:15 Introduction

0:18:02 Releases and News
0:57:27 Crapplewatch

1:01:30 Discussion

We discuss the fact that Google+ enforces real names for people signing up to the service.

1:18:01 Feedback

Supporters: Tristan Linnell, Patrick Craenen, Eric Geissinger and the flattr’ers
We had other emails this week from Roger Heathcote, Dave Morriss, Simon Haines and Eric Geissinger.
Song: It’s Just a Game (But Damn, It’s War) by Eric Fullerton (the song is licensed all rights reserved Eric Fullerton) — check out Eric’s work on iTunes and CD Baby