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Linux Outlaws 237 – You Need Classical Training for This

13 November 2011


Vim turns twenty, we talk about the future of Linux Mint and Fedora, the Unity developers have issues with listening to community feedback, Ubuntu removes Mono from the default install and Microsoft contributes to Samba

0:02:20 Intoduction

  • Fab apologises for his audio quality during the last show, we have fixed this now
  • If you send us feedback email and one of us responds, please use reply all on that conversation
  • Also, if you want to send feedback on a topic, please go to the show notes and at least read the story we linked there
  • Believe it or not, we had no idea that GNU World Order is the new name of Klaatu’s The Bad Apples podcast
  • Booze: Ardbeg — one of the finest scotch whiskys in the world

Dr. Teeth

0:11:55 Releases and News

Clem’s Linux Mint 12 Desktop

1:01:17 Microwatch

1:10:13 Applewatch

1:12:58 Feedback


Remy van Elst,  Patrik Alzén, Duncan Michael Bell, Marcos Luz and from Flattr: corenominal, cwoollard and cyberkiller

We had other emails from Rick Bragg, Erez Schatz, Andreas, Bryan P., Yannis A., Jonni and Christopher Hertel.

Song: Day’s End by Shearer from the album Monument (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0)