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Linux Outlaws 241 – Then We Took an Arrow to the Knee

18 December 2011


The Megaupload Song, Creative Commons 4.0 has entered the drafting stage, Linux Mint takes Banshee’s revenues too, HP open sources WebOS, Microsoft allows OSI licenses in the Windows 8 app store and Apple looses two lawsuits and a trademark

0:01:37 Introduction

0:15:29 Releases & News

0:56:56 Microwatch

1:00:54 Crapplewatch

1:14:22 Feedback

Supporters: Craig Squire and Raymond Newbery — from Flattr: corenominal and cwoollard

  • Marshall Graham enjoyed our interview with Richard Hughes and hopes Richard will come back on in future
  • Jonathan Gregory theorises about the name of the Unity desktop environment
  • Michael Spannbauer sends us information about the 28C3 which will be in Berlin from December 27 – 30 — if you can’t attend in person, check out their satellite events
  • Tom Reynolds from Megaglest says we should check out their game

We had other emails this week from Alistair Munro, Mark Rice and Owen Oakeley.

Song: Rabbits Don’t Ever Get Married by Hank Penny (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0)