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Linux Outlaws 249 – Inflatable Tanks

2 February 2012


Kimble and his inflatable tank, ACTA, a lot of security news, Ubuntu introduces The HUD, Google Sky Map now open source, Epiphany is being integrated into Gnome Shell and much more

0:01:03 Introduction

  • Happy birthday Aq!
  • Fab is shutting down LXnews and the Sixgun Blog, but has started a new project called Dehype
  • Oil Rush has been released
  • Fab has been running CyanogenMod with Ice Cream Sandwich on his Xoom for a while now and gives a quick status update

0:14:26 Releases & News

Inflatable Tanks

1:10:26 Microwatch

1:13:51 Feedback

Supporters: Rubens Durans Kinjo, Kirk Richard Holz and Eric Geissinger

  • Kelly Hays tells us about Open Source Ecology (which we actually have talked about on the show before)
  • James Lewis corrects us that Arista Transcoder uses Gstreamer and not FFMpeg in the backend
  • Drasticheadcase writes to Dan about Ubuntu touchscreen keyboards
  • JCCar tells us about their plight with Flattr and their bank

We had other emails from Matt, Michael Spannbauer, Paul Williams, Gerard Braad, Jason Harrison, Rubens Durans Kinjo, Mark Sinclair, Robert Pfeiffer, Tom Bourque, Keith Z-G, John Hill and Matěj.

Song: Something by Airtone (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC)