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Linux Outlaws 254 – Croatian Jaffa Cakes

3 March 2012


Passwords are protected by the Fifth Amendment, Oracle is offering KSplice for RHEL and DTrace for Linux in general, BusyBox controversy settled, RIM is going for salvation through open source and a study says open source code is better than proprietary code

00:01:09 Introduction

00:06:17 Releases & News

1:03:52 Feedback

Supporters (from Flattr): endstation and Chris Woollard

We had other emails from Carlos Lange, Sascha Schneider, and PsykoNerd.

  • Hull LUG is meeting on Tuesday, 6 March

Song: Pirates of the Coast  from the album of the same name by Black Bones (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)