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Linux Outlaws 307 – They See Me Patchin

21 April 2013


Botnets hacking WordPress, Linode gets hacked, dangerous copy & paste, a new lightweight version of KDE, a new DPL, the Mozilla CEO steps down, Xen joins the Linux Foundation, Cinnarch drops Cinnamon, progress for NVIDIA drivers in Linux, designing in the open and Foxconn gets roped into signing a licence deal with Microsoft on Android patents

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Server Cat iz Patchin Yer Serverz

Server Cat iz Patchin Yer Serverz




1:25:09 FEEDBACK

 Supporters: Thanks to Rene Castberg, Michael Swierczek, Richard Bragg, Jeff Gehlbach, Jay Towart, Rick Bragg and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Charles in Arkansas enjoys the show and has a pretty crazy idea to mess with people spying on his email
  • Ian Kirk sent us two pretty cheezy jokes
  • Gary sent us a link on how to install an ARM version of openSUSE on a Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Mike Swierczek (aka. Dave 71) agrees with us on the Google Reader death and really liked Frozen People by Eric Fullerton from The Art of Dreaming
  • Alison Chaiken points out that Ubuntu isn’t the only distro using Upstart: ChromeOS also uses it
  • J.T. is a new listener who enjoys the show and especially enjoyed our take on the always on Xbox

Penny Arcade: Always On

  • Kerry O’Brien tells us the story how our podcast has helped him get into Linux and set up a Minecraft server for himself and his friends

We had other emails this week from Rick Bragg, Emilien Klein and Moritz.

Song: Minecraft Universe by Eric Fullerton from the album The Art of Dreaming (released under an unspecified Creative Commons licence)