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Linux Outlaws 328 – Arse-Based Operating System

2 December 2013


LG Smart TVs are spying on users, Newegg loses RC4 patent fight, Wolfram Language and Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi for free, Darwin ported to ARM and Stallman wants WYSIWG Emacs

Uncut video version of this episode on YouTube

Hosts: Dan & Fab



High Hopes


Whitfield Diffie

Whitfield Diffie

Convoy Poster

Convoy Poster

Ahmadinejad and technicians looking at a screen at the nuclear facility in Natanz

Ahmadinejad and technicians looking at a screen at the nuclear facility in Natanz


1:00:45 FEEDBACK

  • Brad Alexander has a friend from Anchorage who is running a Kickstarter project for a thriller series he is writing
  • Keith Z-G recommends some fixes for the Raspberry Pi audio interface, including the Wolfson Audio Card
  • Jacob Cook, a long-time listener and supporter of the show, tells us about his project arkOS

Song: Tale of the Tongues by Malukah (all rights reserved)


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  1. Michael M. #
    December 3, 2013

    Just wanted to say I accidentally stumbled on to ur podcast. Omg, u guys are funny as fuck, as well as being informative. I love that u guys also bring up current topics. It sure breaks up the boredom. I live in the states and work at Google, and it sure helped my morning pass when I’m in the labs with nothing but load machines around me. I’m trying to get on that Linux train, and will sure be listening to all the other advice and updates u give. Thanks for a great show, and tell that German guy he’s hella funny!!!!

  2. fabsh #
    December 5, 2013

    Thanks for the nice words! :)

    (The German Guy)

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