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Linux Outlaws 339 – Debian Certification Van

30 March 2014


Facebook buys Oculus VR, Reddit buys a NASCAR for Dogecoin, Brendan Eich becomes Mozilla CEO and angers the gays, Linux Mint names get even weirder and Microsoft reads your email

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Hosts: Dan & Fab



0:19:15 SECURITY


The Dogecar

The Dogecar

Space Hulk on Linux

Space Hulk on Linux


1:08:26 FEEDBACK

From The Saloon:

Email Feedback:

  • James Hugman says all browsers are shit (just like all text editors) and he also says we were “horrifically wrong” on Web Components and Shadow DOMs
  • Dale Visser says Lubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 will both be LTS
  • Alison Chaiken sends us some more command line directory fu
  • Barry Williams says we were looking for Hanlon’s Razor on a recent show, which we were
  • Remy Van Elst chimes in with an open source alternative to Disqus

We had other email from Kelly Price and Tzafrir Cohen. Please leave comments on this episode in this forum topic.

Song: Schnee von gestern by Nullmorphem from their upcoming album Gespräche am Nebentisch (all rights reserved)