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Linux Outlaws 341 – Number One Cyber Guy

13 April 2014


Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla CEO, Ubuntu One shuts down, Linus kicks Kay Sievers from the kernel dev team, Apt reaches version 1.0, a look at Planetary Annihilation and Goat Simulator, Francis Maude is “National Cyber Guy” and Fab becomes a TV star

Uncut video version of this episode on YouTube

Hosts: Dan & Fab



Fab on SAT.1

Fab on ARD

Fab on all channels

0:15:37 SECURITY

Francis Maude, National Cyber Guy

Francis Maude, National Cyber Guy

 0:25:00 NEWS & RELEASES


Planetary Annihilation

1:15:58 FEEDBACK

From The Saloon:

Email Feedback:

  • Kris is appalled at our lack of command line knowledge
  • Philo thinks we are the best podcast there is, thanks Fab for mentioning No Agenda and says the Sunday Morning Linux Review mentioned Fab’s Typo3 research
  • Ian Kirk now imagines Steve Balmer in a Batman outfit and Bill Gates dressed as Robin after our last episode

We also had emails from Gary and Remy. Please leave comments on this episode in this forum topic.

Song: Computer Date by LukHash from the album Falling Apart (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0)