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Linux Outlaws 343 – Your Friend in Payments

26 April 2014


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, OpenSSL gets forked, HTTPS is fucked anyway, the first part of the TrueCrypt audit is complete, Mozilla gets an iCEO, Lucas Nussbaum to remain DPL, Mt.Gox gives up, the sale of Nokia to Microsoft is complete and Fab gets married

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Hosts: Dan & Fab


0:15:47 SECURITY


Chris Beard


1:08:18 FEEDBACK

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From The Saloon:

Email feedback:

  • Myles Wakeham writes about Adam Carolla’s campaign against “the podcasting patent”
  • No Agenda 598: Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak on this patent — audio extract
  • Kris in California thanks us for reading his email in an earlier episode
  • Mathias says not only does Germany have a show like Crimewatch, in fact they invented the format
  • Michael Albertson makes a tasteless joke
  • Isak aka. BitPuffin says Nimrod 0.9.4 was released — we honestly had no idea

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Song: Keep It Tight by Single Bullet Theory (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 United States)