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Linux Outlaws 347 – David Bowie’s Ball Clamp

25 May 2014


Robyn Bergeron and Jono Bacon quit their jobs, Martin Bacon’s coffee powered car, Canonical’s new cloud, Novena laptop goes to production, China bans Windows 8 from government computers and an open source crypto chip

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube. A Markdown version of the show notes is also available.

0:01:24 Introduction


Fab Aboard U-995

0:11:01 Dropped the Ball on This

0:15:47 People Leaving Jobs

Martin Bacon's Coffee-Powered Car


0:38:23 Clouds & Viruses

Canonical's Orange Box

0:55:30 Ecryption & Security

1:03:10 Novena, Mint & China Bans Windows 8

1:14:01 Tux3 & Open Source Crypto

1:17:33 Releases

1:23:11 From the Saloon

1:24:55 Email

  • Climate change discussion prompted by Joe Ressington and others
  • Mike thanks Fab for plugging No Agenda (hitting people in the mouth)
  • Tyler tells us that our Discourse instance isn’t accessible and also comments on cyber-bullying and packet equality
  • Alison Chaiken sent us an article on illegal business practices under Steve Jobs
  • Dustin Williams disagrees with Fab on packet equality
  • Remy van Elst told us about AdBlock Plus impacting memory use on Firefox
  • Félim Whiteley doesn’t like Fab’s choice of in-show music
  • We also had email from Ian Kirk

1:56:27 Song

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