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Linux Outlaws 348 – Mouth Keyboard

1 June 2014


Cloud news, Ubuntu bondage, Steam in-house streaming, the POSReady registry hack for XP updates, Die Partei intends to “milk the EU”, the White House mistakenly outs the CIA Station Chief in Kabul and a number of open source releases

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:37 Introduction

The new Happy Meal mascot is fucking scary

0:26:53 Politics & Security

0:47:12 Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

Docker support on Google Compute Engine

Docker Logo

0:51:7 Ubuntu News

Ball Bondage

1:00:50 Steam Streaming & Open Source Camera

1:13:47 Releases

1:18:38 XP Update Hack

1:23:05 Feeback from the Saloon

Dave at Chernobyl

Dave at Chernobyl: he’s the guy with the diagonal strap across his chest

1:26:00 Email Feedback

1:32:49 Song

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