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Linux Outlaws 349 – Propagate the Panic Signal

14 June 2014


A new Fedora Project Leader, TrueCrypt goes away, Open data for the European elections, Dwarf Fortress will get updated soon, some weird news and OggCamp is back

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:18 Introduction

0:18:45 OggCamp

0:25:54 Web News

0:32:03 New FPL

Matthew Miller

0:34:28 Security News

0:54:19 Distro Releases

1:00:39 Politics

1:04:41 Releases & SHA-3 Draft

1:12:28 Weird Stuff

1:24:22 Game News

1:25:45 Feedback from the Saloon

1:26:10 Email Feedback

1:37:04 Song

1:45:01 Aftershow

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