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Linux Outlaws 350 – Tree Fiddy

22 June 2014


Civilization V on Linux, a TrueCrypt successor from a German company, the Chinese government reveals Microsoft’s Android patents, RHEL 7, Node.js drops its CLA, Firefox 30, Towelroot, secret trials in the UK, the FBI and the Stratfor hack and World Cup updates

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:02:01 Introduction

  • Saddle up for a long show: We have two weeks of news to catch up on
  • Sorry for the delay of LO 349, we were both extremely busy
  • Dan created this video for work

0:13:32 Random Things


Guerillabeam Projection

0:24:02 Law Enforcement / Politics

0:41:00 Security News

0:57:33 Games

1:04:41 Patents & Trademarks

1:13:27 Releases

1:26:37 Node CLA, Pdfium & Towelroot

1:31:08 Web News

1:37:06 Email Feedback

  • Jan Skowron thanks us for turning him onto LukHash‘s music
  • Robert Bunting likes Bane puns
  • Gary sent us a song by L. Ron Hubbardhorrible…
  • Leigh tells us why he likes the show, one sentence per line
  • Alister Christman thanks us for the podcast and asks us where our theme song is from
  • Remy van Elst (who came in with a very generous donation) gives feedback on the show and is looking forward to OggCamp
  • Tom Kent chimes in about TrueCrypt alternatives for Linux: tc-play, tc-play script, zulucrypt

2:03:20 Song

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