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Linux Outlaws 351 – It Looks Like You Want to Buy Nutella

5 July 2014


Amazon’s Fire Phone, Google I/O, Android 4.4.4, TrueCrypt developer dashes hopes for a fork, X turns 30,, BoringSSL, Opera 24 for Linux and US student gets stuck in giant German vagina

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:27 Introduction

Eli Wallach as Tuco in TGTBTU

0:10:48 World Cup Outlaws

England vs. Klose

0:29:23 & Goat Simulator

0:33:55 German News

0:42:37 Fire Phone & Google I/O

1:04:02 Distros, Releases, X Anniversary

1:08:51 Security News

500 Euro Note

1:20:20 Ubuntu One Shutdown, Google SPDY, Opera for Linux

Herrera Goes Mad

1:28:54 Feedback

1:36:59 Song

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