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Linux Outlaws 355 – Cumulonimbro

3 August 2014


Typecasting, Broforce, Drupal releases, vulnerabilities in Tor, TAILS and Cisco modems, Linus vs. GCC, Linux comes to, and PHP 6 or 7?

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:13 Introduction

Fab's Guzzi

0:14:36 General News

Putin on the Ritz

0:24:39 Releases

0:37:30 Security

Apparently Heeed works for Exodus Intelligence:

Is this Heeed?

0:56:10 Controversial Developments

1:07:40 More Open Source News

1:16:49 Feedback from the Saloon

1:35:02 Song

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