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Linux Outlaws 357 – Space Laser Internet

17 August 2014


Knoppix 7.4, the Pwnie Awards, Drupal and WordPress vulnerabilities, another Unity lock screen bug, the next generation OpenGL, Qt will become its own company and details on the GCC and LLVM collaboration

An uncut video version of this episode can be found on YouTube.

0:01:19 Introduction

Miroslav Klose

0:19:19 Berlin Fibre, The Maker’s Eden & Synapse

Space Laser

0:33:38 Releases

0:42:24 Security News

1:09:18 Next Gen OpenGL, Qt Company & Compilers

Backside of the Omega Seamaster

1:20:27 Feedback

  • Thanks to our supporters!
  • Orange Dolphin writes us about our novel idea
  • Torin Doyle writes us about converting people to Linux as well as about Munster, Münster and Munster
  • Félim Whiteley comes in with the amazing title “Murder He Rode” for our novel
  • Martin Lake says he’s a big fan of the show and asks what our favourite shell is
  • Leigh comments on Fab buying a motorbike and he doesn’t like Disqus
  • Your users deserve better than Disqus
  • Barry Williams writes with a Rent reference
  • Daniel Frey wants us to raise awareness for the Fund Anything campaign for 5150

1:39:52 Song