Geek News Radio

A bunch of geeks talk about many geeky things over a beverage or two. Swearing is guaranteed, relevance isn’t.

Geek News RadioGeek News Radio is a new show from Sixgun Productions, who, in the past have brought you Linux Outlaws. Unlike that show, GNR doesn’t focus on a relatively narrow topic like Linux and open source software but will instead cover anything remotely geeky that the hosts want to talk about. Despite the name — yes, it’s an obvious Fallout reference — this is less of a news show and rather has the feel of a few friends shooting the shit over a beer in the pub. Think of it as going back to the very basics of LO, the early years before we started with all the interviews and segments and recurring topics.

The show is currently a fortnightly affair hosted by Fab and Dave. Later on, we plan to get further hosts and guest hosts on board and rotate the cast around a bit. Topics you can expect us to cover are movies, video games, geeky TV shows, motorbikes, comics, beer, whisky, IT security, tabletop gaming, football, hockey and Linux and open source, of course. There will probably also be some Windows talk along the way.

You can find us on iTunes or you can directly subscribe to our RSS feed.


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