GNR 73 – The Raleigh Screwjob

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
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avatar Dan Lynch
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One of the most requested appearances in GNR history comes to pass as Dan joins us for a Linux Outlaws revival, discussing the recent Open Source Summit and IBM buying Red Hat.

We’ve convened an emergency Linux Outlaws meeting to discuss IBM buying Red Hat. Yes, that’s right! Dan is back. The triumphant return of the lost son of Sixgun podcasts.

Something Fab forgot to mention last episode was, that Geek News Radio is now available on Spotify. Hurrah!

We talk a bit about what Dan has been up to during the last few years. He also explains, how he accidentally started an open source project with MakeSpaceLive.

We then talk about the Open Source Summit in Edinburgh, which Dan attended. A lot of the stories end up being about the bars of Edinburgh, though. Which should get you right back into the old Linux Outlaws vibe. Dan caught up with some old friends while being up there as well, which is nice. We also mention the Linux CoC discussion from our previous episode.

People have requested an “emergency Linux Outlaws because of the Red Hat / IBM deal. And since Dan happens to be on the show anyway, we are happy to oblige. We discuss what we know about the deal and how we think it might affect Red Hat and there myriad open source projects. We also speculate on how it might affect IBM itself. During the discussion, Fab mentions the new MongoDB license and Bradley Kuhn’s opinion of it.

Since this show was recorded before episode 72 was released and comes as a bit of a surprise for everyone, we have no feedback this time around. You can, however, send us some on this episode via Twitteron GitLab or by joining the Sixgun Discord and talking to us directly.

Thanks to Bytemark for graciously providing bandwith for this podcast.