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GNR 77 – Hit Them with the Parliamentary Mace

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
Übersee Hopfen IPA
avatar David M. Nicholas
Shiraz from South Australia

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As part of our pre-Christmas recording marathon, another episode hits the airwaves. This time, Fab and Dave are talking Brexit, Magic: The Gathering, esports and Pokémon: Let’s Go.

We start the show with some inevitable Brexit discussion and wonder what would happen, if Andy Serkis replaced Theresa May.

Obsidian Entertainment has announced The Outer Worlds. And it looks like it could beat both Fallout and Mass Effect at their respective games…

We digest the latest news that Magic: The Gathering is going all in on esports. It then slowly sinks in that the Pro Tour is dead.

This turns into some general Magic chat, including our recent playing experiences on Arena. Here’s the Izzet Drakes deck Dave’s been playing.

To round out the show, Dave reviews Pokémon: Let’s Go and explains what the latest Pokémon hype is all about.

We have no feedback this time as the previous episode wasn’t released when we recorded this one. We’ve been on a mad podcast recording binge.

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