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GNR 83 – Entschleunigung

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
König Pilsener
avatar David M. Nicholas
Green tea

After several bouts of sickness and some scheduling issues, we’re finally back! Fab and Dave discuss Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns, War of the Spark and how Microsoft has finally made the Year of Linux on the Desktop come about.

We’re back and not going anywhere. Hopefully.

First order of business is Windows getting a proper Linux kernel in the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 and also the amazing new terminal Microsoft just unveiled. Wat?

Fab talks bread-making. Proofing baskets, sour dough… we have it all!

Dave’s been playing The Hunter: Call of the Wild and Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns. He tells us about it. Also mentioned: The battleship Yamato.

We discuss War of the Spark, the latest – and greatest – Magic The Gathering expansion that’s out now. Fab’s been reading the accompanying book.

Fab’s also been spending his free time coding a Magic The Gathering card library app in Django. He’s named the app “Mage Tower”. It turned out to be more complicated than he first imagined.

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GNR 59 – The Slugs are Coming!

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
Forstbeamter Fabsh
avatar David M. Nicholas
DIY Dave

In a special one-off episode, Dave and Fab are talking about the death of PC operating systems. It’s coming. Or is it?

Since Fab has deleted our April Fools episode by accident, we bring you an alternative episode – Episode 59b if you will.

Our in-depth topic for this episode is the end of PC operating systems. Is the death of Windows at hand? Will Apple stop producing Macs? Dave just thinks people’s usage of computers has changed.

In a major shock, it also seems like Dave and Fab have completely swapped their opinions on what computers and operating systems they prefer.

We had already recorded Episode 60 at the time of recording this episode and that one will be out soon as well. Please excuse any damage done to the timeline in this episode.

GNR 12 – Air as a Service

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
Is Angry about the Gay Frogs
avatar David M. Nicholas
Lives in Stardew Valley Now

Dave’s fallen in love with Stardew Valley and Fab is angry about gay frogs, the Panama Papers, Ubuntu on Windows and NPM.

Merle Haggard has died, which makes Fab sad. Listen to more Merle, once you’re done with that, listen to Deer Tick. The Expanse is out on Blu-ray!

Fab’s been looking into the new end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp. More details on that soon. We also discuss the big NPM debacle and their recent security vulnerability.

In what-the-fuck-news, Microsoft goes Linux:

Dave mentions the Maryland hospital that got ransomwared. Fab thinks he prefers the HoloLens to VR.

We discuss the Panama Papers and Tam McGleish.

Dave actually thinks Badman v. Superman was great. He’s serious. He saw it twice! After that madness, he gives his final word on The Division and goes into a huge declaration of love for Stardew Valley.


We end the show with your feedback.