HO 6 – Donkey’s Years

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
from Hamburg, Germany
avatar Dan Lynch
from Liverpool, UK

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For the last episode of the year, we bring you a bumper Hollywood Outlaws episode stuffed to the gills with Harry Bosch. Smooth Harry, Conservative Harry, Fun-Loving Harry …they’re all here and we’re having a blast!

Before we get into the meat of the episode, we derail it into a discussion of Cheech & Chong and the court case against Chong back in the day.

Fab also mentions Springsteen on Broadway on Netflix. It’s well worth a watch.

After we’ve been going on way too long about all of that, it’s time to dive into our episode for today. For the last episode of the year, we are covering Bosch, S1E6 – “Chapter Six: Donkey’s Years”.

Bosch travels to Las Vegas to see his teenage daughter, Maddie, and to gain insight into Waits from his ex-wife, Eleanor Wish, once a brilliant forensic profiler. Back in LA, Waits taunts Bosch as he begins backing up his threats. Bosch returns to a maelstrom as the simple questioning of a witness in the bones case endangers Brasher.

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