MM 3 – Eldraine Cometh

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Throne of Eldraine launches on Magic The Gathering Arena today and there are some exciting things afoot for the launch. Also: Mono-Red Cavalcade is my favourite new deck.

Traveler! Welcome to this humble ale house. Have you heard the news about the Throne of Eldraine? It’s all very exciting… Gather round and I will tell you all about it.

Throne of Eldraine in Arena

Throne of Eldraine is coming to Magic The Gathering Arena today and the game is finally leaving beta at the same time. To mark this occasion, there are exciting things happening.

Wizards Esports has relaunched its website as and has announced some further modifications to tournament organisation. Among other things they want to further reward players who do well in Arena beyond the Mythic Qualifier events:

We’ll likely be guaranteeing four slots at each Mythic Invitational to players who show consistent performance in events on MTG Arena during the corresponding qualifying months.

Mono-Red Cavalcade

I’ve been grinding Standard 2020 with my new Mono-Red Cavalcade deck. It’s the new hope for mono-red players, I feel. I was really sad after I came to the conclusion that Red Deck Wins is dead in the new meta, but Mono-Red Cavalcade made me happy again!

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Well then, I’m closing up shop for today to go and play some ELD on Arena. Thanks for your patronage. I’ll see you next time, I hope… Farewell and save travels!