Episode 5: Death of the Field

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Field of the Dead is banned, Oko is ruining Standard, there’s a new Magic format to discuss and your host is finally back from his travels.

Hello again! How are you doing? Can I get you something from the bar? Maybe a mulled wine? It’s getting really nippy outside now…

Yes, I realise the tavern was closed for a while, I’m sorry for that. Anyway, I’ve been back from my travels for a few days now and a lot has happened in the world of Magic The Gathering.

So let’s talk about it!


But first, I’m doing a second Throne of Eldraine Crack-a-Pack. I’ve got a few drafts of the set under my belt now and should have at least a basic idea of what I’m doing. Let’s see…

OggCamp Magic Corner & The FML

The inaugural OggCamp Magic Corner was a lot of fun. We got a nice group of people together and played a 4-player Winston draft and some Sealed, all with a box of Shadows over Innistrad sponsored by yours truly.

We had so much fun in fact, that we decided to start an MTG Arena league. I’ve called it the fab.industries Magic League, or FML for short. I like the irony of that name. We’re six players for the first season and will be playing four Swiss splits plus a playoff tournament. I’ll keep you updated on the players, decks and standings, once the league kicks off.

A New Format: Pioneer

Wizards has created a new format called Pioneer. It’s non-rotating and all regular sets from Return to Ravnica (2012) and later are legal. It’s aimed at replacing Modern as “the format where you can use your Standard cards after rotation.” Wizards are currently not planning to add it to MTGA. They are also saying that Modern isn’t going anywhere: “We view Pioneer as additive.”

Does the fact that they’ve banned fetch lands mean there won’t be any fetch lands in Zendikar Rising?

After Mythic Championship V, which was dominated by Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and Field of the Dead, Wizards has now banned Field of the Dead in Standard.

But now, the new problem is Oko, Thief of Crowns. The opinion out there seems to be that, together with Gilded Goose, it has completely broken Standard. And Wizards is saying that there will be no other bannings in Standard before Mythic Championship VI next weekend.

The situation is serious enough that the SCG Tour has decided to play Pioneer instead of Standard at the Star City Games Invitational.

Theros: Beyond Death Leak & Commander Changes for 2020

Someone leaked 32 cards from Theros: Beyond Death, the next big expansion coming out in January. The leak includes several main mechanics and the main character, Elspeth. The spoiler post is still on Redditif you want to have a look.

There’s also some Commander stuff happening next year. It’s exciting, if you’re a Commander player.

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