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GNR 56 – Terrible at Torpedoes

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
Must Be from the Mirror Universe
avatar David M. Nicholas
Can't Handle Torpedoes

Dave has been playing World of Warships and Fab reviews Subnautica. We also discuss how The Orville stacks up against Star Trek: Discovery.

Fab has started a German PC games podcast with his mate Martin. It is called Kantenglättung Deluxe. They are aiming to release a show every month.

FOSS Talk Live tickets are on sale right now. Dave will be there, Fab probably not since he’s a fucking slacker.

We start the show off with some news:

Firefox is starting to promote sponsored pages.

Ubuntu is collecting more user data and apparently everyone is outraged.

These flight sim devs are stealing your passwords if you pirate their planes. German story from Fab (falls du Deutsch sprichst).

In the next segment, we pitch Star Trek: Discovery against The Orville. We both like Discovery, but Dave isn’t very hot on The Orville. Surprisingly, Fab likes both series. They definitely have their flaws, though and we thoroughly talk through these.

Dave has been playing World of Warships and talks about his torpedo woes.

Meanwhile, Fab has put a good 30 hours in Subnautica so he reviews it. Not only is it beautiful, it also has a very engaging story told in a very reasonable way.

In other news, Fab has submitted a story pitch to Black Library.

As usual, we end the show with your feedback. Thanks for sending us messages!

Fab (played by Tom Hardy) and Dave (played by his Labrador).

Number One Fan Niklas sends us this amazing picture referencing the latest episode:


GNR 6 – Wa Du-Showxa ere Lang Belta

People On This Episode

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
avatar David M. Nicholas
avatar Nick Farmer

Show Notes

We have a very special episode for you this time around. Our co-host Nick Farmer is the linguist who creates the Belter language for the TV show The Expanse and he explains to us how that works.

Naturally, we discuss The Expanse and how Nick got the job creating a language for James S.A. Corey (Ty and Daniel) and how he goes about doing it. But we also talk George R. R. Martin, Klingon and general language concepts like what a creole is and how they get created. Nick mentions Hildegard von Bingen, Firefly, the fact that Jabba the Hut speaks Quechua and explains where the word “fuck” came from. We’re also talking a bit about where Belter is going in Season Two.

Make sure you don’t miss the big season finale of The Expanse which airs later today.