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GNR 47 – Literally Littoral

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avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
Ice Pick Nerd
avatar David M. Nicholas
Does the Carpets

Show Notes

We’re taking a month off but before we do, Fab and Dave bring you another episode packed with video games, Star Trek, Tomb Raider and mobile phone rants.

The number 47 is special.

Char’s game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, is out and has garnered some great reviews already. We take a first look.

“The game received universal acclaim, with many critics considering it to be one of the best role playing games of all time.”

Fab’s also been looking forward to Tom Francis’ new game Heat Signature.

We discuss Star Trek: Discovery. Will the first Star Trek series in over ten years live up to the hype? Fab wrote a preview for it for heise online. Fab’s also excited about the new Tomb Raider movie. She’s even got the DMM Rebel ice axe.

Phones are shit. Case in point: BlueBorne.

Dave’s been eyeing this Kickstarter for a fancy wet palette. And he tells us about Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

We end the show with your feedback. You’ll have some time to submit some more of it, because we will be taking the month of October off. See you in November!

GNR 8 – Spending Time with Landing Gear

People On This Episode

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
Professional Space Jockey
avatar David M. Nicholas
Works for the Turbine People
avatar Dave Hingley
In the Bowels of Frontier

Show Notes

We’ve got Dave from Frontier on the show, he works with the nuts and bolts behind the scenes of Elite Dangerous. We also once again discuss the TV show The Expanse and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

To start off the show, we give away a copy of Tomb Raider and pimp the Belter Wiki. We also have a Steam group for GNR now, be sure to check it out.

Piece of Eight

Best wishes to Dan, who’s out of hospital now. We discuss the hack of the Linux Mint website. Dave H. is using it but luckily hasn’t updated his system in a while.

Fab talks about binge watching the whole first season of The Expanse in one weekend and how it compares to the books. Dave has now played Rise of the Tomb Raider and gives his impressions on it. We compare and contrast with Fab’s opinion on the game.

In the main part of the show, Dave H. tells us what he does at Frontier. He’s a technical artist working on Elite Dangerous and spends his days deep in the nuts and bolts of the game. We talk about our favourite ships and how fucking hard it is to land on anything in that game. We also talk briefly about Planet Coaster.

Before we go on to reply to feedback we’ve received, the other Dave wants you to back a great history book of colourised images a friend of ours is trying to fund. Go and make it happen!

The Paper Time Machine

GNR 7 – Lara’s Hair

People On This Episode

avatar Fabian A. Scherschel
In Love with Lara's Hair
avatar David M. Nicholas
In Love with His Pixel C

Show Notes

Fab and Dave are in love. Fab’s in love with the beautiful graphics of Rise of the Tomb Raider, while Dave wants to marry his new Pixel C.

Before we get into the show proper, we reminisce about playing Rocket League with some listeners, which was great fun. Even though we were losing a lot. We also would be remiss, if we forgot to mention what we are drinking. Dave’s having coffee and rum on the side, Fab’s having coffee Jim Holden style.

If you haven’t already done so, you should check out our episode on the Belter language with Nick Farmer, who’s the linguist on the team of the TV show The Expanse. If you are interested in learning more about the language, you might want to visit the Belter Wiki. Please help us to create it, as well!

We discuss Rise of the Tomb Raider at length, which Fab thinks is the best looking video game to date. He also liked the 2013 reboot a lot and thinks both Rhianna Pratchett and Camilla Luddington did an amazing job on both games. The new one outclasses the original reboot in pretty much all respects, though. It is great!

Fab is enamoured by Lara’s voice to such an extend, that Dave thinks it triggers ASMR for him.









After that love fest, Dave gives us his impressions of the Google Pixel C. He really, really likes it and has blogged about it a lot. It has some downsides, but overall Dave likes it very much. Fab has other uses for a laptop and is not convinced.

Before we wrap it up, we talk about your feedback. Feel free to ask us questions and comment on the show. Until next time!